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Supporting Women to Create Lives Filled with 

Passion  Purpose  Pleasure  Play

I Offer Three Types of Coaching: 


Women face unique challenges in the workplace. As an executive coach, I've worked with countless women across the globe for over 20 years. You don't need to do it alone.   


If you are struggling in a relationship, looking to find a new or deeper love in your life, or longing to improve your intimacy and well-being,

I'm here to support you.



It takes courage to make changes in life, such as deciding to leave a job, career or marriage.  Guidance from a personal coach can be just what you need.


When women don’t feel as if they are being heard or understood, or they aren't living or working up to their greatest potential, everyone suffers. My passionate purpose is helping women find their own unique, vibrant, and dynamic selves. I coach women of all ages and stages: new moms grappling with their changing identities and bodies; female executives looking to build their influence skills; women seeking more emotional connection or sensuality in their most intimate relationships. 

Using a body-centered approach to coaching, I help women find and use their authentic and bold voices. In the process, they uncover a deeper sense of PASSION, a clearer sense of PURPOSE, and a taste of PLEASURE and PLAY that keeps their spirits, and bodies, wanting more. 



Podcasts with Kira on MiddlesexMD:


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MidlifeFullness 2
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