Individual and group coaching for women of all ages. Using mind/body centered coaching, we will work together to uncover your passionate purpose and most dynamic and vibrant self.  



As a Black Belt Nia Teacher in the Cambridge area, I offer both Nia classes (co-ed),

private Nia sessions, and

 movement-based coaching workshops for women.  

Come join me!



My clients range from top executives in Fortune 500 companies to new mothers...from international entrepreneurs and corporate trainers to fashion designers and technical writers. 




When women don’t feel as if they are living or working up to their greatest potential, everyone suffers. My passionate purpose is helping women find their own unique, vibrant and dynamic selves. I coach women of all ages and stages- new moms grappling with their changing identities and bodies; female executives looking to build their influence skills; women seeking a new or different career filled with more meaning and impact.

Using a mind/body approach to coaching, I help women uncover a deeper sense of PASSION, a clearer sense of PURPOSE, and a taste of PLEASURE and PLAY that keeps their spirits, and bodies, wanting more. 






Working with Kira has been an enlightening experience. Down to earth and fully able to get in tune with the place I was in, Kira offers an approach to coaching that combines mind and body—allowing me to try various methods and develop those that benefit me.


I am surprised that Kira can cover so much ground and provide such deep insight in six sessions. Those sessions took me beyond my comfort zone in a comfortable way, offering new perspective and opening me to new possibilities. For example, grounding myself physically to prepare for what’s ahead was new and enormously helpful. I find many of the tools Kira introduced me to are now part of my day.



During my time spent with Kira I gained valuable insights into my inner thought process. I not only learned how to listen for and "hear" my voice within, but I also was provided the tools that allowed me to access that inner guide whenever necessary.

Through her coaching techniques Kira empowered me to think and make critical decisions for myself in terms of both my career path and my future life goals.


Her approach to coaching is holistic based utilizing her background in the Nia technique to bridge the mind body connection. There wasn't a moment during out sessions that I wasn't fully engaged and there was so much that I gained from our time spent together.  


Kira is a natural when it comes to coaching individuals towards their goals and more than this she is able to help individuals unveil their inner-most desires and passions if willing. 

I am so grateful for the coaching sessions I was able to participate in with her. Thank you Kira! 





 I have made several positive changes in my life since working with Kira as a life coach. Kira has a holistic approach to her coaching, looking at each aspects of one's life and evaluating the stages of what needs more care and time on working through to find solutions. Kira is a kind soul who makes you feel safe to share some of your deepest and most personal thoughts. She is confident in her work as a life coach and has tremendous perspective. 


When I began my work with Kira, I had just had some huge changes happening in my life. After ending a small business I had for 10 years in order to have my first child and focus on motherhood, freelance/contract work in my industry, my work with Kira gave me a renewed sense of self worth. My self-esteem and confidence levels were truly confused through these major transitions. My coaching with Kira, greatly improved my understanding of my skill sets.


She guided me and helped me focus on my nutrition, fitness, home life, work life, and where my career path would journey. 

Working with Kira as a life coach, helped me to refocus on setting goals and timelines for myself and discover which aspects of my life needed more attention. 

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