The Sexuality & Aging Masterclass

An Online Course to Help You Find More Pleasure in Your Second Spring

Ready to feel vibrant, confident, and more energized?

Imagine waking up and feeling excited to face the day because you’re filled with energy, vitality, and a sense of worthiness of pleasure.  


Whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you have limited experience with your sexual self or are getting bored with the same old habits and want to explore more, this course will help educate and motivate you, starting right where you are today. 

Some parts of the world refer to a woman's menopause as her Second Spring, a time of great growth and creativity.

My goal with this course is to help you find your agency to define your own Second Spring and tap into your deepest desires and most radiant self.

Too many of us buy the myth that sexual energy decreases as we age.

It’s misogynistic malarky. There are so many ways to disprove this belief - and I want you to experience them. With up to 50% of women in the US feeling sexually dissatisfied, I felt strongly that I create an online program that could both educate and motivate women in midlife around their sexual health and wellbeing.

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About the Course


This self-paced course is designed in six content-rich modules. Take as much time as you need so that you can pace the learning to your schedule and embody the practices deeply.Live Q & A Zoom sessions meet weekly. 


  • (6) 90 minute live Zoom classes with coaching and Q & A

  • (6) modules filled with engaging and relevant content

  • Bonus content, body-centered practices and exercises throughout the week (2-3 hours per week of "homeplay")

  • Private Membership Group​​

  • All discussions are held in complete confidentiality

  • 1:1 Coaching for course participants available at a reduced rate

Course Overview
  • Module 1: Foundations: Fact vs. Fiction

    • ​Debunking Myths; Identifying Your Sexual Story; Female Sexuality 101​​

  • Module 2: Your Sacred Body

    • ​Changes in Menopause; Anatomy of Arousal; Your Body's Natural Tools 

  • Module 3: Your Monkey Mind

    • ​Sex on the Brain; Rituals vs. Routine; The Power of Thoughts 

  • Module 4: Emotions in Motion

    • ​Bedroom Buzz Killers; Dual Control Model; Building Self-Compassion

  • Module 5: The Role of Relationships

    • ​The Pleasure Gap; Archetypes of Lovers; Communicating Your Desires 

  • Module 6: Designing Your Second Spring

    • ​Defining Your Commitments; Celebrating Your Pleasure

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Who is this program for?

Women in their Second Spring who want to:

  • Navigate menopause and beyond with grace, ease, humor, and pleasure

  • Increase their sensual and sexual energy


  • Close the pleasure gap in their intimate relationships (with themselves or a partner)

  • Build a more loving relationship with their own body




  • Please note: This course is not focused on healing sexual trauma. If you need sexual trauma support, it is important to work with a trauma trained therapist. I am a trauma-informed coach but I am not certified as a trauma specialist. 

In this course you will...

Learn how the brain, body, and emotions are connected to your sexual health so that you can feel more fulfilled, whether you’re in a relationship or not.



Discover what your body REALLY thrives on and craves.​  This includes content about female sexuality that you likely never got in school. 


Receive weekly body-centered practices that tap into and increase your vitality so you can feel more radiant, confident, and creative.

Connect to a confidential and safe community of supportive women so that you won’t feel like you're the only one who experiences what you do. 

Get weekly coaching so that you can get support for your unique situation or challenges. 

Build a more loving relationship with your own body so that you can experience more pleasure  in all aspects of your life. 

“The combination of the conversations and resources that Kira offered have made a huge impact on our marriage.

Our communication, connection and intimacy has never been better and the sex is the best we've had in 20 years!”

Susan, Writer & Dancer, 56

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 “Kira is a fount of knowledge about women’s sexuality.  She is passionate about helping women explore the pleasure gap in their lives. Best of all, she has an extraordinary gift for addressing sensitive conversations with wisdom, warmth, and deep empathy.  Run, don’t walk to take her class.  Life-changing!”

Holly, Designer, 60

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The Sexuality & Aging Masterclass

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