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About Me


I know that no single coach, or coaching approach, is right for every person. I have been trained as an Ontological Coach, meaning that I listen for, and value, three key elements in my clients: Body, Language, and Emotions. I honor the mind/body connection deeply and incorporate somatic coaching as a tool for genuine and lasting transformation.


My educational background includes an M.Ed. from Harvard University and a Coaching and Organizational Learning Certification from the Newfield Network. I hold a B.A. in Spanish and Italian and am a member of the International Coaching Federation. I am a Fellow and Coach at The Institute for Inclusive Leadership at Simmons University and an Executive Coach (aka Guide) at Chief, a private networking group for Senior Executives. I am also a Certified VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. 


In addition, I am a Black Belt Nia teacher, having taught for over a decade. Nia is an international mind/body movement technique that has transformed not only the way I look and feel, but how I live my life and how I coach women.


Yes, I will ask you to LISTEN to your body. She holds much wisdom. 

Every woman is uniquely different and has her own dreams, aspirations and challenges. I bring compassion, warmth and humor, as well as grounded experience in women’s issues to my clients. And if you’re concerned about the “body” piece, please don’t be. It’s as simple as feeling the feet that you walk on and sensing your breath. That’s where it starts. Sensing what you feel, in order to heal and grow.


I look forward to helping support you to discover and create more PASSION, PURPOSE, PLEASURE, and PLAY in your life.

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