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Video Resources

Welcome to "In Her Voice," a series of interviews with a variety of experts in women’s issues


Susan McCulley,
The Age of Becoming

Kira's Interview on Sexuality & Aging with Susan McCulley from the Age of Becoming


Katie Emery,
Katie Goes Platinum

Kira's Interview on going gray with Katie Emery from Katie Goes Platinum.


Dr. Barb DePree,
Middlesex MD

Kira's Interview on sexual health around menopause with Dr. Barb DePree, OB/GYN and founder of Middlesex MD.


Nina Coslov,
Women Living Better

Kira's Interview on hormonal changes with Nina Coslov from Women Living Better.


Dr. Sonali Deepika,
Your Sacred Ground

Kira's Interview on emotions & sensuality with Dr. Sonali Deepika from Your Sacred Ground.

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