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Women’s Sexuality after 50: Myths, Resources & Answers That Change Everything
Wednesday, January 20, 4:30-6:00pm/EST on Zoom
(In collaboration with Susan McCulley and The Age of Becoming)

What if everything we’ve been told (including the things we don’t even realize we’ve been told) about women’s sexuality is wrong?

What if we saw mid-life as not the end of our energy and worth but as a rebirth, a Second Spring?

What if your sexual health weren't just a "nice to have" if you could get it, but a "need to have" – a critical part of your overall health and well-being?

In this practical, straight-forward workshop, Kira Hower debunks the myths about women’s sexuality, particularly after 50. She offers insights and information, resources and practices about how to rekindle and reconnect to your sexual, sensual, life force energy.


In this workshop, Kira will:

  • shine a light on the lies we’ve been told our whole lives about sexuality

  • share exercises for unearthing your needs and preferences

  • address the most common concerns of women over 50

  • anonymously answer your specific questions

Personal Investment: $25

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