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A New Year's Intention | 2024

Updated: Feb 6

My ONE WORD for 2024 is DANCE! I didn't choose a word because it expressed how an emotion I needed to "work on" like Curiosity or Clarity. I chose a word that reminds me of what brings JOY in my body and my's an action that I can take. DANCE! reminds me to do what I love explore different forms of dance, to push myself in courageous ways to see what my body responds to, and to tap into the creativity and emotional insight and healing that happens when I move my body and dance.

I also love the power of dancing with other women for nothing other than the joy of dancing.


Our bodies are designed to be free. We thrive with freedom and shut down with judgment. I invite you to sense that in your own does it feel when you are free? What do you notice about that sensation?

And how does it feel when you are judging yourself or another person?

Where and how do you notice it in your body?


My intention for 2024 is to connect with my inner dancer and set her free! I'm not looking to "rule the world" as Amy Poehler states but I get what she's saying. When women release the grip of judgment of themselves and of others, we stand in our individual and collective power.


I wish freedom and joy for you this year...

in whatever shape or form it comes in for you.

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