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Radical Read of the Month | April 2023

Microjoys: Finding Hope (Especially) When Life Is Not Okay by Cyndie Spiegel

I LOVED this gem of a read!

She's a delightful writer who reminds us, through her colorful storytelling, that joy and beauty are always accessible, even in our darkest hours.

Each story is followed by an actionable reflection or provocative question.

"Life is filled with paradoxes, and darkness and light often end up converging.

With patience and bravery, we must stay awake and present for all of it: the

seductive goodness and the hardships, too. Bear witness to what is, because

each moment has the capacity to transform and propel us forward in ways that

might otherwise never occur unless we are present enough to notice them."

- Cyndie Spiegel

Click on the book to learn more!

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